Groundbreaking Development in the Hair Transplant Industry Called DHI Sapphire in Turkey

ISTANBUL, Oct. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hair Transplant Turkey: Sapphire DHI is the latest hair transplantation procedure at Cosmedica in Istanbul/Turkey. This equipment takes hair restoration to the next level. It is done by using the FUE method. But it does it with better accuracy, healing, and other benefits

With Sapphire DHI, Dr. Levent Acar’s Hair Transplant Team uses finer incisions for transplanted hair, and they’ll be accurately placed. This ultimately means that patients will have a faster healing time, giving a speedy recovery. The Sapphire DHI also has a lower risk of infection.

This will give an even higher chance at a successful operation. Other transplantation tools don’t offer the same protection as Sapphire DHI. Cosmedica has years of experience, so they’ll be able to provide the best care. For hair transplants in Turkey, the Cosmedica Clinic offers a free consultation so that patients know what amazing care it offers.

Why Turkey Is a Great Option for a Hair Transplant

The average cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is $2,100. In fact, according to Bookimed, “The average cost for the hair transplant package in Turkey is $2,100, the minimum is $1,000, and the maximum is $4,300. It is two-fifths to three times cheaper than the average package price in other popular destinations—in South Korea, you will pay $7,650, and in Thailand, $5,200”. With that being the case, why wouldn’t Turkey be the best place for a hair restoration operation?

Turkey Hair Transplant Packages Are Like a Holiday

What’s great about Turkey is that stress-free hair transplant packages are common. Why? Why would Cosmedica and other clinics look for such good deals for patients? Because we want you to be relaxed and stress-free during your operation. When visiting, your focus should be recovery and not how you’ll find a method of transportation without speaking the language.

Another reason is that Turkey is a hub for hair restoration. This means that clinics are often in competition to get clients, so they offer great deals to reel clients in. Cosmedica offers the most cost-effective deals with a 99% success rate with Sapphire DHI. So end your hair loss and grow thick hair follicles with a hair transplant in Istanbul.

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