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Dr. Lindsey posts roughly one new video every week on YouTube.
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Dr. Lindsey encourages prospective patients to educate themselves before their consultation. Our videos are a great place to start. Below are a representative sampling of our youtube videos grouped under various topics. Watch the ones that are pertinent but there are nearly 300 more on our youtube channel! And some of the ones here, have updated results on our channel too. Check them out. You will see we run a very transparent, non-salesman-like practice and have videos showing results and comments from patients being filmed in well over 150 videos. Watch a few. And compare this transparency to all of the other doctors you are meeting with.

There is never an emergency hair transplant! So educate yourself before you impulse buy a surgery from a non-doctor sales consultant.

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The Lindsey Medical Hair Transplant Center has helped thousands of patients globally to restore their own natural hair. Browse through our hair transplant result videos for an intimate look at the surgery and healing process. Each hair loss treatment video showcases a hair transplant surgery performed in our McLean, VA office.

For more insights, browse our collection of Before & After Gallery to learn more about the hair loss treatment process.