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  • I sent my son to Dr. Lindsey a couple of years ago. He had lost quite a bit of hair at a young age. We were thrilled with the results Dr. Lindsey achieved for him, bringing back his handsome blond hair - in spades. One evening a while later, I looked in the mirror and thought to myself: "If it wo... Read More
  • Background: Due to military requirements, I had a short haircut since I was 18 (shorter than in the attached pictures). After getting out of the military, I decided I wanted to grow my hair out. Problem was, I was going bald by the time I got out. While I am taking finasteride to (successfully) slow... Read More
  • I am under 7 months post-surgery and am very happy with the results. I am very grateful to Dr. Lindsey. Since day 1 of the consultation, Dr. Lindsey was straightforward and upfront with what my treatment will be like. He helped answer my many questions and helped my nerves. The surgery itself went b... Read More
  • I’m very pleased with the result of my hair transplant with Dr. Lindsey and would recommend him to anyone. Dr. Lindsey gave me a hair transplant in January of last year, and he restored my hairline in a way that gave me a natural looking result. Dr. Lindsey gave me comprehensive care from beginni... Read More
  • I had a great experience last year with Dr. Linday as my hair transplant surgeon. His demeanor was very straightforward and direct--he'll tell it like it is. I was initially caught off guard by the bluntness, but in the end, I'm glad for it--since I knew exactly what to expect throughout the process... Read More