Why Choose Feller and Bloxham Medical?

A results-oriented, full-time, hair transplant institute with over 28 years experience …
Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation is one of the best hair transplant groups in the United States. Through our carefully trained physician members, we serve NYC, Long Island, NY state, the South Florida area (Miami and Fort Lauderdale), Virginia (Washington D.C. and Mclean), and Philadelphia/South Jersey, and also offer consultations in Texas (San Antonio) and London, England. We have practiced surgical hair restoration for over twenty eight years and have a proven track record of integrity, experience, and success. We are the “doctor’s doctors” and have been recognized as such for many years. We hold the lead in hair transplantation because we are ambitious, driven, and dedicated to our patients. Corner cutting or offering anything less than premium work is not an option here.

A thorough history and many hair transplant “firsts” …
Dr. Alan Feller is a true hair transplant pioneer. After first investigating surgical hair restoration in 1993, he immediately recognized the desperate need for improvements in the field. As an avid inventor with multiple patents, he understood the importance of innovation in hair transplant surgery. In order for the field to thrive, the process needed to become more refined and better understood. Dr Feller began refining techniques by creating smaller tools, integrating microscopic dissection of true follicular units harvested via Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT or Strip), utilizing a large team of “super” in-house technicians, and increasing the size of surgical sessions. He quickly became one of the first doctors in the United States offering ultra-refined follicular unit transplant “mega sessions” where thousands of grafts were moved in a single sitting. His work led to multiple medical publications and citations in textbooks. He then continued innovating by becoming one of the first hair restoration physicians to transparently post his results on the internet. Dr Feller’s unapologetic approach to openly discussing hair transplant surgery online truly raised the bar and helped countless patients avoid outdated and poor procedures. After building a sterling reputation performing FUT procedures, Dr Feller turned his inventive attention to the budding FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction (now “Excision”) technique. After investigating and experimenting with FUE, Dr Feller became one of the first physicians in North American performing and offering FUE. By 2003, he was the first physician to perform live FUE graft removal at an International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) meeting — an organization he first joined in 1995. After mastering the FUE technique, Dr Feller was also one of the first physicians to recognize and publicly acknowledge its limitations. He continually speaks out against the pitfalls and poor outcomes associated with unregulated FUE mega sessions and tech-run “FUE mills” and champions the continued need for refined FUT surgery. Dr Feller has practiced hair transplant surgery exclusively in New York since 1995; throughout this time he has treated thousands of happy patients from around the world.

Dr. Blake Bloxham first became interested in hair restoration while completing his pre-medical studies at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). After discovering hair transplant procedures and recognizing their potential, Dr Bloxham focused his undivided attention on becoming a hair restoration physician. This led to him becoming an author, editor, and moderator for some of the leading hair restoration resources online, and meeting some of the most important doctors in the field in the process. One of these physicians was Dr Alan Feller, who encouraged Dr Bloxham to follow his ambitions and invited him to study at his office. Throughout his medical and post-graduate training, Dr Bloxham continued collaborating with Dr Feller. After realizing how well they worked together, Dr Bloxham and Dr Feller decided to partner in a new practice: Feller & Bloxham Medical, PC. As the managing partner and surgical director of Feller & Bloxham Medical, PC, Dr Bloxham has built a sterling reputation for hair transplant excellence. He quickly continued Dr Feller’s practice of online transparency by building one of the most popular hair transplant result channels on YouTube — where he has become known for his detailed and honest hair transplant result videos. Dr Bloxham is one of the only practicing hair transplant doctors today able to perform true “dense pack” hair transplants — offering the thickest and most natural results — and one of the only doctors performing FUT mega sessions with a large team of his own in-house, “super” technicians. Because of this, Dr Bloxham is also one of the most sought after doctors by those looking to learn hair transplant surgery. Dr Bloxham is not only a hair transplant surgeon, but also a dedicated hair loss and hair restoration scientist; he continually researches new and evolving hair restoration techniques, and frequently participates in cutting-edge experiments. This includes being the first known doctor in the world to integrate verteporfin (an agent that may significantly reduce — or eliminate — scarring and potentially regenerate hair) into FUT surgery. By performing ultra-refined FUT and FUE surgery and remaining dedicated to cutting-edge hair loss research, Dr Bloxham has established himself as one of the most important voices in hair restoration today.

Feller & Bloxham Clinics versus Most “Other” Clinics Today …
Hair restoration services throughout the United States have become overpopulated with doctors who have added hair transplant surgery to their scope of practice solely to increase their bottom line. These doctors are not considered hair transplant specialists since they offer this service as an “add on” to some other existing practice. Many of these doctors in fact illegally delegate their surgery to unlicensed non-professionals and are themselves absent from the procedure room during crucial parts of the procedure so that they are free to treat patients in their “real” practice. This behavior is rampant and it is against the law. Unfortunately the law is slow to move, but momentum is growing. For now, however, it’s “buyer beware”.

In contrast, Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation is a practice dedicated exclusively to hair restoration. All procedures are performed by licensed and experienced physicians and only the legal and appropriate use of support staff is utilized. Our large, highly-specialized clinics use the highest number of team members per patient compared to nearly any other practice. And all of our hair transplant “super technicians” are screened, trained, and work exclusively “in-house.”

The Benefits of Choosing Feller & Bloxham Medical …
All Feller & Bloxham Medical physicians and staff members have been selected for their talent, integrity, and dedication. Our specialized, unique methods are state-of-the-art and our surgical process is refined, standardized, and proven. When visiting any member of the Feller & Bloxham Medical family, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a full-time, exclusive, hair transplant professional, experienced in FUT, FUE, and repair procedures. You will never meet with a salesman, and you will never encounter a “traveling” technician. You will only encounter straightforward and serious professionals, ready to offer the finest hair transplant surgery possible.

Other benefits of choosing Feller & Bloxham Medical include:

  • Transparency: we have more detailed photos and video presentations online than nearly any other clinic.
  • We have a greater number of staff per patient than nearly any other clinic.
  • All of our hair transplant technicians work exclusively “in-house.”
  • Our prices are typically lower. We pass our savings right on to you.
  • We strategically place our offices in convenient locations near, but not within, major areas and employee scheduling teams trained and experienced to help make the surgical process seamless – even for those traveling from other states or other countries (nearly 50% of our patients).
  • Our doctors are transparent thought leaders in the hair restoration industry. They regularly post online and provide countless Before & After Photos to online hair loss communities.

We Invite you to Compare our Practice to Others …
We always recommend patients undergo multiple consultations and obtain multiple opinions. If by chance, you are going to consult with ANOTHER hair transplant physician make sure you ask the following questions. These are the qualifications we meet, and they are what you should expect as a patient:

  1. Has the practice has been in business FULL-TIME for at least 10 years?
  2. Does the practice perform hair transplantation EXCLUSIVELY ?
  3. Does the practice use ONLY in-house technicians- NOT travelling (per diem or shared) technicians (which is illegal in NY).
  4. Will the doctor use at least one technician for every 500 grafts required for your procedure ?
  5. Can the doctor show you AT LEAST 50 before/after PHOTO results of THEIR patients ?
  6. Can the doctor show you AT least 50 before/after VIDEO results of THEIR patients? (Video cameras are cheap and plentiful. No reason not to have video evidence of results.)
  7. Does the doctor participate regularly online by contributing results for public evaluation and critique ? Does he volunteer time answering questions from the public ?
  8. Can the doctor show you at least 6 functional microscopes in their procedure rooms ?
  9. Does the doctor guarantee NOT use robots or other so-called “semi-automated” gadgetry ?
  10. Does the doctor and staff perform the FUT procedure regularly even if you are looking for an FUE procedure ?

There are a small group of physicians world wide who satisfy all this criteria. If you receive a no for any of these ten questions keep looking. Feller and Bloxham meets all these criteria and more.